About Us

Our Mission 

Royal First Realty is a real estate organization with many experienced and professional brokers. Since 2012, we have single-handedly trained new brokers, and have provided practical training to help them obtain their licenses. Our award winning Realtors have provided new brokers with the tools necessary to break new grounds, leading them to create their own legacies in the real estate industry.

First and Foremost, all of Royal First Realty realtors adhere to our organization's philosophy: Honesty. Since the initial establishment of Royal First Realty, our organization has been in good faith. Apart from our broker's strict compliance to ethics and integrity in the workplace, Royal First Realty also strives to ensure professionalism. Our real estate brokers will do our best to provide customers with the most professional services.


Royal First Realty can be found in the heart of the city of New Westminster, close to Royal City Centre. Our office is located at the uptown of New Westminster, between 5th Ave and 7th St.